Over 3 Decades, the Role of Health Determinants Has Transformed the Way We Live

Health is a condition of physical, emotional, and mental well-being in which infirmity and disease are absent. This condition covers the whole body and all its systems. It can be regarded as a state in which the body is not threatened by any disease and health is maintained throughout. This state of health is necessary for humans since they do not live long if they are in an unhealthy condition. Therefore, one’s health and lifestyle are important to one’s existence.


This condition is necessary for people to perform their daily activities and live happily. There are many things that contribute to maintaining good health. Proper diet and exercise, proper hygiene and use of medicines and proper stress management, sleep, and psychological well-being are some of the major factors that help improve health. These factors control or influence the growth of various microorganisms and also help maintain the general health and fitness of an individual. In order to improve health, there are several things that should be given attention such as proper diet and clean environment, regular physical exercises, balanced lifestyle, and healthy consumption of food and water.


The people of today have to face many health problems and are constantly exposed to different diseases and ailments. Some of these conditions are associated with the modern lifestyle and the other are not. The increasing trend of fat and junk food consumed by the people have resulted in a drastic change in their overall health status. The situation is further aggravated by the hectic and busy schedules of today’s generation. This results in a poor diet and lack of physical activity that results in the weakening of our immune system.


To get a clear and detailed idea of this condition and its definition, it would be very beneficial for you to read the following lines. Health Deficiency: The definition of a health deficiency is a state in which the body lacks the essential nutrient required by the body for proper functioning. In simple words, it could be said that a person suffers from a deficiency of some particular minerals or nutrients in his/her body. Diseases or symptoms resulting from a health deficiency vary according to the nature and degree of deficiency. Some common diseases or symptoms resulting from a poor diet or a deficiency of particular nutrients include anemia, diarrhea, constipation, osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease.


Health Promotion: The meaning of health promotion is the promotion of well-being. It could be defined as the attempt to enhance and sustain life. According to the medical experts, health promotion is achieved through education, awareness, nutrition, and personal resources. A very positive concept of health promotion was illustrated by a study made on behalf of the National Institute of Health of the United States that showed that over three-quarters of Americans live in a condition that is unhealthy and is considered to be one of the leading causes for death across the developed world.


Health determinants help people understand and define their own well-being, which is the state of one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The health determinants can be categorized as sociological, psychological, environmental, and behavioral. These determinants also help people determine the treatment that is required for themselves in case of illness. This will then enable them to be more aware of the need for treatment and more motivated to get the treatment that they need. In this way, people are able to make informed decisions about their health.