Factors Influencing Individual Behavior

Health is a condition of optimum health where infirmity and illness are completely absent. The term has also been used as the condition that can be termed as the state of being fit, healthy and well-being. In this article we are going to discuss some of the sanitization measures that can be adopted for the purpose of maintaining the quality of health in the community.


In today’s world many people suffer from some form of mental illness or the other. These include but not limited to stress, depression, anxiety, paranoia and even schizophrenia. A major chunk of these cases are due to stress-related reasons and some may also be a result of lifestyle and food habits. Such people require a good sanitization program for better mental health as well-being and for overall physical well-being. It is advisable to invest in such programs as they go a long way in reducing mental illness among those suffering from it, as well as their close associates.


Sanitation is basically the process of cleaning or sterilizing an environment. It aims at eradicating all forms of biological and chemical contaminants that could lead to various types of illness, which includes physical illnesses. One should take note that the entire process has nothing to do with the elimination of bodily diseases or the prevention of their occurrence. Rather, it is about the control of the different variables that are known to cause or contribute to the onset of disease.


As far as population health services are concerned, there are several determinants that are used for deciding the quality of health in any community. Among these factors are the levels of education, social factors, natural environment, and individual behavior. For instance, education is considered as one of the major determinants of overall health. With proper education, an individual can get rid of any sort of social problem and can lead a healthy lifestyle.


Another important determinant for population health services is the level of individual behavior. An individual’s individual behavior can either bring him face-to-face with his condition or it can keep him at a distance and unable to do anything to help himself. Based on the study of social problems in health services, it was found out that people with poor social status are more likely to develop heart disease or other chronic health disorders. These determinants were also found out to be affected by environmental factors. Environment plays a crucial role in determining the overall health status of a person.


The third factor that influences the development of illness is individual behavior. It has been found out that those individuals who are susceptible to developing new illnesses are usually those who are not having a healthy diet and also are lacking with social factors. This means that individuals living in developed countries are more likely to develop sickness than individuals living in developing countries. However, it has been proven that a low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar diet is more helpful in keeping an individual healthy.