Exploring the Best Seascapes and Islands in Thailand

When you are on holiday in Thailand, the main islands offer so much to see and do that you will want to explore them all. The three main islands of Thailand are Phuket, Ko Phang Nagn, and Krabi. All of these offer something different, from cheap hotels and diving to magnificent beaches, museums, markets, adventure sports, and more. Below is a breakdown of each of these islands and what to expect when you choose Phuket as your destination.


Phuket This is the largest of the Thai islands and is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It offers some great beachfront and tourist oriented activities. The beaches are sandy and clean, with plenty of space for water sports and other fun activities. There are also some great parks on the island that have some nice attractions. There are many places for shopping and great restaurants as well.


Krabi is located a little further offshore and offers a slightly different experience. While the beaches are still fairly nice there are less touristy activities and a focus on all-natural, scenic activities. It’s a good island for people who like the more natural aspect of visiting foreign countries and diving.


Ang Thong Islands If you want a more tropical type of holiday than this island is the island for you. It has two large islands, Phetchabun and Raiwind, and a smaller island of Bang Tao. It’s best known for its diving and there is an abundance of it on Ang Thong. Some things to enjoy are snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and more. There is a resort on the island that offers scuba diving, which is very popular among tourists.


Nakhon Ratchasima is a small island that is only accessible by boat or plane. It offers some great diving and there are a few resorts on the island that offer scuba diving. It’s not as popular as the other islands, and you’ll have to book extremely high season to be able to get a room, but it is a great island to just chill out on, swim in the sea, and watch the boats roll by.


All of these islands offer a great diving experience. Many people come here for that reason and there are many types of activities to enjoy. The waters are warm, and you will likely come across some turtles here if you’re diving on Ang Thong or Bang Tao. If you are looking for an underwater adventure, then you should really consider diving Phuket or just snorkeling Phuket. There are also lots of wrecks to dive at, and you can just sit and watch the boats pass by. These are some of the best diving beaches in Thailand and a must-see if you ever go to Phuket, Thailand.