Great Japanese Motorcycle Brands

There are many motorcycle brands out there. Some of them are more popular than others. There is one thing they have in common, they are all made to provide their rider with some sort of pleasure. So what makes the best motorcycle brands?


Yamaha is another Japanese motorcycle manufacturer that has stood the test of time. They were started by two men and grew into a company that was known for producing high quality, affordable electronics. They have been building transmissions for over forty years now and are still the leading company for transmission components.


Honda is another Japanese motorcycle brands that are known for the quality of their motorcycles. They are well known for making high quality fuel gas powered motorcycles that are fast, fun and easy to ride. The V-Twin engine is a key feature of many Honda motorcycles that has won the hearts of many consumers. When it comes to gas powered motorcycles, Honda is one of the top manufacturers and this is another reason why they are so popular among motorcycle riders. They make great bikes that will give you a good ride and will last for years.


Another great motorcycle brands are the Italian company, motorbikes manufacturer, APRilia. They were started in 1963 and started out making motorcycles from the parts they wanted to sell to people who wanted to build their own choppers. Later they moved on to build racing bikes. Today APRilia makes several models that are geared towards different budgets. They have a great line up of bikes that can be customized according to your liking.


The Japanese motorcycle brand, Ninja is known for its powerful motorcycles that are designed to give the rider that rush of adrenaline. This can be felt when you take a look at some of their models. Many of the Ninja models have a shorter top tube and a lighter top handlebars. There are also more aggressive designs like the dual exhaust, under powered engines and even the Ninja trademark black and orange color scheme. It doesn’t matter what type of style you are looking for, there is a Ninja model for you.


Last but not least, another Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to consider is the makers of the GPZ line of bikes. GPZ means “good quality Chinese motorcycle brands” and this company is led by none other than Suzuki, so you can expect quality construction and performance. While there are a lot to choose from, they tend to focus more on making high performing, affordable bikes that are easy to get used to. You can expect great riding from these machines and even more from them as the sport grows in popularity.