How to Choose the Right Pepper Spray For Personal Defense

Pepper spray is an extremely effective non-lethal personal protection product containing OC (ocuradine hydroxide) a derivative of capsaicin or chili peppers. It causes an intense burning sensation and temporary blindness in the eyes and throat, which incapacitated attackers allowing for a more peaceful getaway. Pepper spray offers outstanding protection from a range of dangers including muggers, thieves and wild animals. While it is not considered to be a true firearm, it is also effective against firearms since they are liquids and can easily be handled by inexperienced users. The spray itself comes in canisters which can be kept in the hand, in the pocket, or in the purse.


Pepper spray comes in various containers, sizes, strengths and features. There are basic canisters sizes ranging from one ounce up to a maximum of five ounces. There are also personal size pepper sprays ranging from a minimum of twenty-two ounces up to a maximum of one hundred ounces. There are self-defense canisters available which double as a hand warmer which provide protection for the user’s hands and keep them warm during cold weather. Mixture is available in these canisters and includes common pepper oils like hot Cayenne pepper, capsicum Annam, and hot red pepper.


Pepper spray canisters also vary in size depending on the attacker. If you are an individual who needs to defend themselves against multiple attackers who try to strike you at the same time, you should consider investing in a pepper spray with larger holes. These larger sized canisters will allow you to spray more effectively and at a longer distance. However, if you are going up against an attacker who attacks you multiple times, investing in a canister with smaller holes will likely do more damage than good. Smaller bursts will be more effective than larger amounts because they are absorbed into the attacker’s skin much faster.


MACE, (Methylene Chlorohydrate) is another popular choice for many people. Although MACE may be less known than pepper spray and canisters, it has been used in Europe for decades and has a great safety record. MACE consists of a liquid compound, which when sprayed, breaks down the cholinesterase enzyme. The enzyme breaks down the carbon dioxide so that it cannot form into an oxide. However, the remaining compound damages the membranes of the nerve cells and the end result is death from asphyxiation.


Pepper Spray devices also come in the form of canisters, sprays, and cartridges. It is important to follow the directions on the canister or spray to get the most effectiveness out of the device. Many devices also come with a safety cap, which can keep the canister upright. Some manufacturers offer holster style straps so that you can carry your canister easily and securely.


The advantage of the canister over the spray and other products is that there are no large holes required to attach it to the attacker. This makes it much easier to control while you are in a public place. When it comes to pepper spray and mace, the size of the canister is going to be your biggest deciding factor. If you have trouble finding a small size canister that will work effectively against a large attacker, you may want to consider purchasing a tactical vest that will cover your body. These vests come in a variety of sizes and features so that you can find the perfect fit. Some of the features that you may find on these vests include: small size to easily conceal with a good pair of clothing and plenty of room, multiple uses, water resistant, and many other features to protect you.