When to Go to Islands in Thailand

The Best Thai Islands in Thailand. What do you expect from an island in Thailand? Travelers come here from all over the world to experience the islands unique culture, beauty and natural resources. When is the Best Time in Thailand to Go? Here is a short guide to when is the best time of year to go to Thailand.


High Season (Dec – Apr), Thailand is a very popular tourist destination in the world. In high season the tourist influx is very high and prices drop dramatically. Since most of the islands are extremely popular, it is impossible for islands like Phuket or Ko Samui to ever get completely empty. So in high season, prices are usually very reasonable.


Summer Is the worst time of year to go to Thailand, if you can avoid it. Tropical beaches are crowded and the weather is usually hot and humid. Phuket and other islands almost always have good weather, but it never gets totally sunny here. If you are lucky maybe you can get to Phuket during the day and stay overnight in a beach resort.


Autumn is traditionally the off-season in Thailand. The islands are still warm enough for swimming in the ocean, but the water is warm enough for sailing and snorkeling as well. The waters around Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Lanta are perfect for snorkeling, and the waters around Ko Tao are teeming with marine life. Since it is now relatively safe to travel to these islands, the tourist influx is very low during this period. You will have to book your beach holiday months in advance to get the best spot.


Winter In Thailand the most popular island destination is Thailand’s winter. People love to go skiing, fishing, or just relaxing by the seaside. Most beaches here are rocky and unreachable by car, but if you are near the larger cities it is easy to walk to. Some of the best and most accessible beaches in the country are in Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Lanta, and Ko Tao. These beaches are often packed with tourists all year round, so they are better off enjoyed in the off-season.


The best times to go to Thailand are the months from January to March. Thailand is generally nice to people during the month of January due to the Thai New Year celebration. The beaches are still pretty good, and you can enjoy the festivities on the beaches, without worrying about ice patches or sweltering palms. April is generally the peak season for beaches in a country that enjoys sunshine year-round. However, if you are going to an island destination country in Thailand during the summer months, the weather can become hot and humid, so plan a bit of travel time that includes plenty of rest.