Choosing the Best Jeans Brands

The best women’s jeans brands have come together to present you with a definitive list of what they believe are the best in jeans fashion today. These brands include: Levi, Jack and Jones, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Bloch, and Liz Claiborne. This list is not composed entirely of women’s brands – men’s jeans makers also appear on the list. In fact, some top-rated jeans brands for women are not really jeans at all.


In today’s world, casual clothes are what most people wear. You go to work, take a shower, do errands, park your car, then eat lunch. Those are the times when you don’t need to dress up or even dress down. This is also the time when you can choose to wear jeans. However, the best jeans brands recognize this fact and have worked hard to make sure you will love to wear jeans long after lunch.


Skinnies have always been known for their comfort and flexibility. Today, they still are one of the best jeans brands. In fact, they have several new and improved designs for you to choose from, such as legging, slim-fit, boot cut, baggy and stretch skinnies. Some even have hidden pockets to carry cash or cards without raising your arm above the heart.


Boot cut jeans are one of the latest trends. They are great for everyday wear and can be paired with jeans or skirts. A lot of the boot cut jeans today are made of denim rather than leather. The leather used to be the staple material for jeans back in the ’80s, but it’s been replaced by more comfortable fabrics that can help you move better and last longer. Denim jeans today usually have a straight leg and are available in dark colors such as black, brown and navy blue.


Skinny jeans are a popular fashion choice nowadays. Skinny jeans come in various shapes, sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your body type. One thing to remember though: low-rise skinnies will tend to make your waist look smaller. On the other hand, skinnies with a high-rise are great for emphasizing your hips. You can find high-rise skinny jeans in boot cut, flared, skinny and straight fit styles. They’re usually made of denim.


There are actually a lot of jeans to choose from. It can get pretty confusing for someone who is looking for a good pair of jeans. You can try to match your jeans to existing pairs in your closet, or you can start mixing and matching styles and colors to come up with a new look. The best thing to do is to take it slowly and build your wardrobe one color at a time. Pick a basic color like black or dark gray, and then work it up with brightly colored jeans and tops. Skinny jeans are just as fashionable as your favorite skinny shirt.