Machine Mineral Water

What is in Machine Mineral Water? You may ask, and if you are reading this article, I assume you want to find out. Machine Mineral Water is popular as a supplement due to its cleansing and healing properties. The question is, “Is it really that good?”

A quick trip to the local health food store revealed many brands of mineral water. It was hard to decide which one I should buy. The shelves were nearly empty, so I decided to sample each type to see which one I liked best. The Natural Health brand was by far my favorite. It had all-natural ingredients, was not full of sugar, and did not taste like chemicals or synthetic flavors. The bottles were labeled as coming from “The Himalayan Mountains”.

Upon the first try, machine mineral water tasted just like a carbonated beverage. I thought that was a nice change, but after trying the Natural Health brand again, I realized that several other brands tasted the same. The best choice was still the same, though- Natural Health by far had the best taste! In fact, after drinking this, I can not believe that I have lived so long without it!

Machine Mineral Water claims to contain “essential minerals” that are necessary for the health of humans. Some ingredients are better than others. The bottle claims that it is made with “micro-nutrients”, but I was unable to determine what these minerals are, or how they are absorbed through the skin. In addition, although the mineral content is high, the minerals are blended with flavorings that do not seem effective to me.

Other mineral blends, such as those from Fiji, contain large amounts of zinc and magnesium, with trace amounts of other minerals. My experience with these mineral blends was very pleasant, though a little disconcerting at the same time. I was completely amazed by the taste. At first, when I first drank it, I could hardly taste any minerals at all. But, I got used to it very quickly, and my body began to adjust to the new flavor.

Machine Mineral Water is definitely my favorite brand of mineral water. However, I would choose this one over most brands based on cost. Machine Mineral Water sells for only a few dollars, whereas the high-end brands can run up to ten dollars. In addition, after reading the ingredients list on the box, I realize that the price difference may be due to artificial flavoring. However, I think overall, the product is excellent!