The Ten Keys to Business Success

The Ten Keys to Business Success is a simple but powerful book on how to succeed in business. Jack Canfield wrote The Ten Keys to Success back when he was just a struggling salesman with his own Ford dealership. Today, he is one of the most successful self-help authors in the world, and the inspiration for this work is as relevant today as it was then. Jack Canfield’s simple, but profound advice can help you make the changes that will lead to your success in life.


The Ten Keys to Business Success starts out with a quote by Napoleon Hill, back when he was a young man trying to break into the big league. The quote is, “The first step to success is to know what you want.” The first step in understanding yourself and your goals is to know exactly what it is that you want. If you don’t ask yourself the question, “What do I want?” than any strategy you come up with will simply be a fly-by-night idea that will never work.


To know what you want out of life, you need to ask yourself these questions, “What do I want to get from this experience?” and “What can I learn from this experience?” The second part, learning, is almost always overlooked or taken for granted. But it is the most important part of succeeding in business.


You cannot be successful unless you have self-discipline. The Ten Keys to Business Success teaches you the importance of self-discipline, and how if you do not discipline yourself, no matter what you are doing you will more than likely fail in business. Self-discipline includes not procrastinating, not thinking “I’ll try,” and following through with your plan. These are the ten keys to success, you need to keep in mind.


A business needs direction in order to be successful; however, sometimes when a business owner is disorganized, they sometimes run into problems. Direction can come in many forms and one of them is being clear about what you want. You should write down what you want to accomplish within the next year in a piece of paper and then begin your business planning process.


The Ten Keys to Business Success also teaches you the importance of networking. Networking within your business should be at the top of your priority list. Networking not only helps you grow in your business, but it also helps you develop relationships and the like.


The Ten Keys to Business Success also teaches you how to make smart decisions when running a business. This means you need to look at the big picture. Business success means growing your customer base, and increasing profits and minimizing losses. If you make the wrong decision, you will not be able to survive.


The Ten Keys to Business Success teaches you how to treat others with respect. Everyone is equal and no one deserves special treatment. Treat everyone with courtesy and kindness, even those that annoy you. It’s better to say “okay” than “no” and make sure you communicate your thoughts and feelings. If you don’t communicate your ideas, you are not likely to learn them either. With hard work, patience, and lots of communication, any business can become successful.


The Ten Keys to Business Success also teaches you how to build a strong defense. You need to protect yourself from negative situations and concentrate on what is important. In order to do this, you need to get out and meet new people. Doing so will also help you gain knowledge about life and other people. When you learn to respect other people and to make friends, your business will thrive.


The Ten Keys to Business Success is also a great book for motivational speakers and business coaches. The keys to success provide solid business skills for anyone who is looking to be successful. They teach you how to succeed as a manager, a sales person, an employee, and a parent. They also teach you how to be successful as a human being and share your gifts and talents with others.


The Ten Keys to Business Success is a simple to read book. It is filled with sound advice that anyone can relate to. The simplicity of the book makes it easy for everyone to read and understand. The ten keys will help you become a successful business owner or a top income earner. Whether you are just getting started in business or have been a business owner for a few years, this is a great book to add to your reading supplies.