Examples of Business Needs Systems

Giving good business examples is the first step to helping your business succeed. In business, a “need” is something that your customers or clients need, but can’t have right now. Give three examples of business needs, in whatever area you are working in. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and jot down the needs, then identify what it is that would make your company or product the best in that particular area.


Business examples should include everything from new processes, new systems, a better way to market, or even how to make your existing systems more effective. Many times, businesses will spend an entire year developing a new system or process to address a problem. A good example of this would be if your company’s systems integrator was developing a new online order fulfillment system when 10 systems already existed. What an embarrassment.


But what does a business system example do for your business? Think of it as a checklist of all the systems your company currently has in place. Then list all the things that a business system would replace or update. Along with those systems, identify all the possible needs that could be addressed by adding a business system to your business plan.


For example, suppose you have a customer order fulfillment center that does follow up on orders. What could a new information systems integration center add that could make that task easier? A data repository to track orders, an electronic order entry system that gives authorized users authorized access to purchase information, and integrated online catalogs. You may also want a way to store information about current promotions, as well as ways to send electronic coupons directly to the employees who are in charge of carrying out the job. You could make the following example less complicated by eliminating the order fulfillment center and replacing it with a data repository: a website, containing general information about the business, and with tabs for each product type.


Business system examples are great because they force you to think through all the ways you can use the information systems you already have in place. But it’s also good if you don’t have the whole picture, so to speak. By being presented with different examples of business needs, you’ll get a more balanced picture of your business systems requirements. Instead of looking at broad, general examples of business needs, you’ll be looking at more specific, concrete examples of things that your company needs.


It’s easy to talk about “the business needs to sell a product,” and leave out all the things that are necessary to make that possible. Broad examples, such as customer service, make it possible to talk about what the business needs without really specifying anything. The examples of business needs presented in these reports can help you determine what specific aspects of your business need to be updated or changed. This gives you a chance to make sure your business can actually provide those things – and doesn’t need to be spending money to do so.


Some companies get so bogged down with the details of their current business systems that they try to do everything themselves. In other words, they try to create their own examples of business needs systems, and then struggle to maintain them. By outsourcing your requirements, you avoid this pitfall. Instead, the company you hire will provide you with a ready-made set of examples and help you keep track of their progress. When you can see how well you’re meeting your needs, you know you’re on the right track.


It’s true that no business is perfect, and even the largest corporations are susceptible to failure. But when you get bogged down with the details of your current business systems, you can miss deadlines and processes. The cost of failing to keep abreast of your industry is simply too high. So your best option is to tap the expertise of a qualified company that provides examples of business systems so you can stay on top of your industry.

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