Oil Wellhead Pumping Tips

If you have an oil wellhead, your safety and well-being comes first. Oil wellheads are the lifeline of modern-day drilling and well drilling operations and need to be maintained for safety and productivity. Oil wellhead maintenance can be expensive, and time-consuming. But there are ways to reduce the costs and increase productivity, such as using oil wellhead pumps. If your wellhead has a double trap, or a wellhead with a single trap, and this traps the oil before it makes it into the pump, this will help cut down on cleaning time.


Some wellhead pumps have a feature that allows you to turn off the motor and drain the trap. This is great if you don’t have access to the water line when working in the dark. When your wellhead pump is used, it pumps the oil from the wellhead to the trap. The oil then makes it way through the trap, to the intake system where the liquid will be filtered and then cleaned. Then the oil makes it way back into the wellhead.


If your pump doesn’t have a drain plug, then the oil will just run through the entire pump and into the reservoir. With an oil wellhead pump, you will want to check the level often and make sure that the intake tube is clear, so the pump will have enough pressure to move the oil through the system. If you have a single trap, it’s recommended that you replace the pump as often as possible. If you own a model that has an automatic motorized trap, you may have to have it serviced quite often, especially if you have a double trap.

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